What We Offer

The Library has the following service units.

Borrowing Facility

Library provides lending service to both the faculty and students. All the books are bar coded and barcode scanners are used for issue and return of the books. Bar Coded ID cards are issued to all the library members. The student members of the library can borrow books for a period of 7 days. The faculty can borrow ten books and return the same at the end of the semester. The users are requested to return the borrowed books to the library on or before the due date to avoid the penalty of Overdue Charges. Members are requested to obtain the NO DUE CERTIFICATE from the library at the end of the course or service.


Reservation can be done for a book, which is already lent out. Reserved books are kept separately in the circulation counter for 2 days for each member. The Reservation lapses automatically after 2 days and the next person gets the chance.


Renewals are allowed only when there is no claim by others. No phone renewal please. Bring the book to be renewed to the Library and get the due date stamped.

Online Reservation

Online Reservation can be done through web OPAC http://library.ifim.edu for a book, which is already lent out. Reserved books will be kept separately on the circulation counter for 2 days for each member.

Inter Library Loan Service

Library arranges to borrow documents, which are not available in its collection, on Inter Library Loan from other libraries for academic and research purpose. This is done on an Institution-to-Institution basis. Such materials will have to be handled with utmost care and returned to the Library well in time. Members can send a formal request to the Library with complete bibliographic details of documents. Please send your request by email to library@ifim.edu.in

Document Delivery Service

Library arranges photocopies of articles from journals, conference proceedings that are not available in its collection from different sources. This service is offered within the purview of Copyright Laws. To make a request please email to library@ifim.edu.in

Off-Campus Access to e-resources

Faculty and research scholars have facility of off-campus access to many databases and e-journals. To get username and password, please send your request to library@ifim.edu.in

Digital & Virtual Library

The available e-material in the IFIM Digital Library can be accessed by logging into the digital library and selecting Material Category Digital Library. Faculty and students who are interested to upload the material which are published by them, often used by them can e-mail the articles, drawing etc., to the following address library@ifim.edu.in


A borrowed book if recalled by the Librarian has to be returned immediately.

PhotoCopy Services

Materials available in the Library can be xeroxed by paying nominal charges.

Current Awareness Service

Stay up-to-date on the latest offerings from journals in your field and receive automatic alerts about new articles in your specific research area.

Library Orientation

Library orientation can be arranged on request by e-mailing to library@ifim.edu.in

Library Timings

The Library functions on all working days except national holidays.

Normal Hours

Monday - Friday

8.30 AM to 8.00 PM

Circulation Hours

Monday - Saturday

9.00 AM to 6.00 PM


9.00 AM to 7.00 PM


9.00 AM to 5.00 PM


All students, faculty members and staff of the institute are members of the library.

More Services

email alert

Library will send email alerts for overdue books; members are requested to promptly respond.

Reprographic & Printing Service

Photocopying and printing facility is available at reasonable cost in the library. This service is limited to library materials and for copying research articles published in journals, conference proceedings for academic and research work without violating the Copy Right Act.

Institutional Membership

The Library has institutional membership with the following organizations for accessing their resources and services.
1.Indian Institute of Management (IIMB), Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore
2.Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) Cases, USA

Library Technology Used

@ Classification : Dewy Decimal Classification (DDC)
@ Cataloguing : Anglo American Cataloguing Rules (AACR 2)
@ Provision of Web OPAC Information management : Libsoft
@ Circulation Management : Bar coded user cards & Books